Bodytite Patient

Patient # 86800


Area(s) Treated: abdomen upper and lower How many sessions in the photograph: one treatment Bodytite and Liposuction How many weeks between the first photo and the after photo: 15 days after surgery How many weeks after treatment is the after photo: 15 days   Anesthetic: local with conscious sedation External Temperature: 40 Internal Temperature: 70 Access Ports: umbilical and beneath waistband (suprapubic) Depth: 3 2 1 cm 33 kJ Description of treatment technique: stamping multiple levels followed by power assisted liposuction using double Mercedes 4 mm and 3 mm cannula Aspiration (if applicable): see above 1400 cc Weight (before & after): 5’6” 205 lbs BMI: 33.1 Post-op Care: Garment 23 hrs per day, Zimmer Z wave 6 sessions Any other details: Physician Comment: none

Age: male 55

Patient # 11340


16 Months after Liposuction of chest, abdomen and Iliac crests

Age: 54
Procedure: Liposuction

Patient # 39307


Back View. Flanks (bra roll), and iliac crests (hips). Side View. Flanks (bra roll), and iliac crests (hips).

Patient # 53030


Side View. Iliac crest, buttock, outer thigh, note healing access points for liposuction.

Patient # 89961


Back View. Lateral thighs, iliac crests, two liposuctions required.

Patient # 29647


Back VIew. Liposuction outer thighs, inner thighs, posterior thighs, iliac crests (hips).