Bichat’s Fat Resection Can Give You the Cheeks You Want

Bichat’s Fat Pad ResecctionOne attractive feature of a woman’s face is the slight depression that occurs just beneath the cheekbones on women such as Keira Knightley or Angelina Jolie. When a woman has cheeks like these, their buccal fat pad is minimal.

But other women have more pronounced buccal fat pads, giving them round cheeks. Some women would like to change this feature of their face. That’s where Dr. Kirwan’s Bichat’s fat pad resection comes in.

What is Bichat’s fat pad resection? 

Its name deriving from the famous French anatomist, Bichat, these fat pads occupy a predominant position in the facial middle at the cheek level. The buccal fat pad is more prominent during childhood (that’s why more young children than not have pudgy cheeks); its presence lessens with age.

But some patients have an overly chubby face and desire a Bichat fat pad resection. In the procedure, Dr. Kirwan accesses the fat pad through an intraoral incision similar to the one used to insert cheek implants. The fat pad is removed or lessened.


One thing to remember is that as we age, our cheeks generally begin to lose volume as the underlying support collagen decreases and the fat pad decreases. So, while a Bichat’s fat pad resection can be seem to be the perfect remedy to pudgy cheeks when a woman is young, she may rue the decision in her later years when her cheeks naturally become more gaunt. Dr. Kirwan will discuss these issues with you during your consultation.

Wish you had cheeks like Nicole Kidman? Call Dr. Kirwan’s Norwalk, New York, or London offices and schedule a consultation to discuss Bichat’s fat pad resection.

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