Experience Kybella® in Fairfield County.

Dr. Kirwan is perhaps the most experienced Kybella® injector in Fairfield County. He has used Kybella® (deoxycholic acid) in its generic form in his London, England practice for many years before it was approved in the United States. Kybella® treatments have permanent results. Make an appointment with Dr. Kirwan, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, in […]

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Getting ready for our Vampire Facial Party

Getting ready for our Vampire Facial Party Wednesday 26th October 2016 5-8 p.m. at 148 East Avenue, Suite 2A in Norwalk. Join us at our Halloween Fete as we launch Vampire facials using Platelet Rich Plasma – Dermafrac micro-needling technique and our new body-tightening, skin-perfecting, cellulite busting InMode Device.

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Juvederm Ultra Plus – Before & After

Juvederm Ultra Plus, 2 syringes injected with 27 gauge blunt cannula from the angles of the mouth. two weeks later. I have been using Volbella in the UK since it was introduced, replacing Juvederm Ultra Smile. In general, Volbella gives a softer look but tend to dissipate quite quickly. Juvederm Ultra Plus is my first […]

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Routine use of Quilting Sutures

Baroudi and Ferreira proposed routine use of quilting sutures for adominoplasty in 1998 based on a 5 year experience with zero seroma rate in 130 patients.[16] There have subsequently been several publications, which repeatedly show that seroma can be eliminated by routine adhesion sutures (variably called Baroudi sutures, progressive tension sutures by Pollock or quilting […]

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In Dual Plane augmentation the Pectoralis Major is divided only in the lower part as far as the inner extent of the breast crease where it arises from the aponeurosis of the external oblique abdominis and the anterior fascial layer of the rectus abdominis muscle. Tendinous adhesions only, on the rib cartilages are divided above […]

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Approval of Institutional Review Board Study

Approval of Institutional Review Board Study – Norwalk Hospital, August 1, 2016. Re: IRB #16-11: Efficacy of stand-alone, non-tethered, self-applying warming garment (pants, top, gloves and socks) in the preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative recovery period; using an integrated chemical heat pack construction, intended for surgery of duration of less than 12 hours, with a view […]

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inverted ‘V’ deformity

The inverted ‘V’ deformity and collapse of the ‘middle vault’

An explanation of the inverted ‘V’ deformity and how spreader grafts prevent collapse of the middle vault and widen the internal valve. Usually done through an ‘open’ rhinoplasty approach although Jack Sheen, who popularized this technique, always inserted spreader grafts through a closed rhinoplasty approach. ‘At the end of the XIX century, Mink is the […]

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Photographic Standards in Plastic Surgery

Two references are helpful: The American Society of Plastic Surgeons Guidelines, published in 2006 is the Standard Reference and Photographic Surgery: Standards in Clinical Photography, Author, Borut, I.E. in Journal of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Volume 10, pages 177-180, 1986. Photography is to Plastic Surgery as water is to a fish. Without it, there is nothing […]

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cheek augmentation

A Cheeky Situation — Implants

There are usually two situations where a patient would consider having cheek augmentation — young patients with congenital poor definition of the cheek area, and older patients who have lost volume in the cheek area. Augmentation can be done two ways, with silicone implants and with dermal fillers. The goal is to regain more defined […]

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Vaser Lipo

Vaser Lipo is Selective About Fat

Traditional liposuction can be a fairly violent procedure because the cannula has needed to be moved around quite aggressively to break lose the fat before it is suctioned out. This has created a good deal of tissue trauma and the bruising that accompanies it. Dr. Kirwin now has a new body contouring option, Vaser Lipo, […]

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