mole removal

Leaves the Moles Underground, Not on Your Skin

Sure, if Wind in the Willows is your favorite book of all time, you probably have a special place in your heart for moles. Everyone else? Not so much. As for the other type of moles, those that take up residence on your skin, maybe only Cindy Crawford has an affinity for them. Human moles […]

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Sculptra is In It for the Long Haul

If you were Count Dracula and never saw the light of day your skin would still age. This is the process known as intrinsic aging. A major part of intrinsic aging is a drop in collagen production — every year after you turn 20 your body produces one percent less collagen. Over time, add up […]

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ear surgery

Heading Off the Teasing with Ear Surgery

Kids, especially in groups, aren’t known for their compassion. This is especially true when a kid has an unusual condition. Protruding ears can be unusual condition #1 and the child can be the target of teasing that can really affect the development of the child’s self-image. Being subjected to comments such as “satellite ears” or […]

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The Coolness that is CoolSculpting

When CoolSculpting first came on the scene most people thought it was too good to be true. After all, how could a person get rid of fat in an area with nothing but cooling. No stitches. No recovery. No hassle. But CoolSculpting is the real deal, removing up to one quarter of the fat cells […]

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skin treatments

The Causes of Three Typical Signs of Facial Aging

Time waits for no one. While that may be a good thing when it comes to life experience, it’s a bad thing for your skin, particularly on your face. Most people would gladly delay the march of time in that instance. Fortunately, the signs of aging, while unstoppable, can be delayed or their appearance lessened […]

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chemical peels

Better Peeling Through Chemicals

Like other processes that, for some reason, decrease as we age, the shedding of skin cells slows with the passing years. Because the cells aren’t shed with the same frequency, the skin becomes wrinkled, blotchy, and can appear somewhat drab. A chemical peel with Dr. Kirwan can force some of those skin cells to shed […]

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arm lift

Bats Need to Have Flappy Arms, You Don’t!

Gravity is a tough so and so. Although it does keep us from flying off into space (nice), it also pulls every inch of our skin downward every second of every day (bad). The upper arms are not immune to gravity, developing what is commonly referred to as “bat wings.” You could go live on […]

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Buttock Lift

This is the Age of the Round Backside

The days of emaciated models are over. Nowadays, it’s in for women to show off their curves. Don’t agree? You can’t go very far without seeing the round backsides of Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj. For a rounder derriere, Dr. Kirwan performs a Brazilian Butt Lift. What is a Brazilian Butt Lift and how is […]

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Bichat’s Fat Pad Resecction

Bichat’s Fat Resection Can Give You the Cheeks You Want

One attractive feature of a woman’s face is the slight depression that occurs just beneath the cheekbones on women such as Keira Knightley or Angelina Jolie. When a woman has cheeks like these, their buccal fat pad is minimal. But other women have more pronounced buccal fat pads, giving them round cheeks. Some women would […]

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3D-SLS Liposuction

3D Isn’t Just for Movies Anymore! 3D Liposuction!

When you hear the term 3D these days, you assume it involves a bag of popcorn and donning some of those funny glasses. But in Dr. Kirwan’s practice, 3D-SLS refers to a special method of liposuction that he considers to be the best practice for the best contouring results. What is 3D-SLS? No, it’s not […]

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