A Cheeky Situation — Implants

cheek augmentationThere are usually two situations where a patient would consider having cheek augmentation — young patients with congenital poor definition of the cheek area, and older patients who have lost volume in the cheek area. Augmentation can be done two ways, with silicone implants and with dermal fillers. The goal is to regain more defined cheekbones.

Dr. Kirwan’s philosophy

Dr. Kirwan’s philosophy for facial implants is that they should be positioned in a space created immediately above the bone. He believes they should be immobile and not placed in the loose tissues of the face because the implants can shift when placed in soft tissue. Dr. Kirwan believes that, after the adjustment period, the patient should become totally unaware of his or her cheek implants and they should be considered a seamless part of the body.

The implants

For cheek augmentation, a solid silicone implant is used, with the patient and Dr. Kirwan together choosing from the wide range of sizes and shapes that are available. The goal is to create the most natural contour, while still building definition.

There are three types of cheek implants. Malar shells cover the entire cheekbone area. Submalar implants fill the hollow beneath the cheekbone. Plus, there is a third option that is a hybrid combining the two styles.

The surgery

First, Dr. Kirwan makes a small incision inside the upper lip. He then creates a space for the implant next to the bone. That space is washed with antibiotic and the implant is positioned. After checking placement, the incision is closed. If skin laxity in the area is an issue, a mini facelift may be combined with augmentation.

Dermal fillers

Two dermal fillers, Perlane or New-Fill, can also be used for cheek augmentation. These allow soft tissue correction, but the results aren’t permanent, lasting from six months to two years. The results are not as predictable as with implants.

Interested in regaining definition in your cheeks? Augmentation with Dr. Kirwan could be a good procedure for you. Call our Norwalk, New York, or London offices to set up a consultation.

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