We’re thrilled to add EVOLVE to our non-invasive body contouring line-up

Evolve is three modalities on one platform: EvolveTite to tighten skin, EvolveTrim to reduce fat, and EvolveTone to build muscle without exercise – all for use anywhere on the body in quick, painless sessions

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Limited time bonus: one free maintenance session with every package purchase!

EvolveTite for smoother, sleeker legs than you ever thought possible

EvolveTrim to remove the pooch standing between you and your bikini

EvolveTone for a perkier bottom without all the squatting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the treatments hurt?
No. Unlike other muscle-toning devices, EvolveTone is remarkably comfortable. You will feel your muscles actively contracting, but you will not experience discomfort. With EvolveTrim, you will feel the warmth and mild pulling but not pain. And EvolveTite is actually a pleasant, relaxing treatment that can be compared to a warm stone massage!

Is there downtime?
No! There is absolutely no downtime. You can get back to your regular activity after any of the Evolve treatments. You may experience the warmth and mild redness in the treated areas which will subside in a few hours or less.

When will I see results?
You can expect to see results following the first few treatments.

Will it help with cellulite?
Yes! EvolveTrim improves the appearance of dimpled skin while boosting skin elasticity.