Five Tummy Tuck Facts You Should Know

Tummy TuckIn general, a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is designed to turn a flabby, bulging midsection into something firmer, flatter, and proportioned with the rest of the body. However, as with other plastic surgeries, a tummy tuck is not a panacea. Here are some facts to consider:

  1. A tummy tuck won’t help you get rid of excess pockets of abdominal fat such as love handles or muffin tops. Dr. Kirwan may recommend liposuction along with a tummy tuck to address those issues. In general, a tummy tuck is designed to reduce the appearance of abdominal bulge and stretch marks, not to remove fat pockets.
  1. A tummy tuck should not be performed together with a C-section. Although there could be similarities in the way incisions are made between the two, it is best to wait for at least six months to allow your body to heal after childbirth before deciding on a tummy tuck. The surge of hormones and fluid retention immediately after childbirth may make it difficult to figure out the extent of abdominal laxity and slackened abdominal muscles.
  1. Numbness following a tummy tuck procedure is common, due to severed nerves around the incision site. The numbness will gradually disappear (tingling may be present) as the nerve endings regenerate themselves.
  1. The best tummy tuck outcomes can be achieved if you are close or within your ideal body weight. Therefore we urge patients to lose excess body weight first via diet, exercise, or a combination of both before scheduling a tummy tuck.
  1. A tummy tuck can be performed with a variety of techniques depending on the patient’s existing issues.

Unhappy with the look of your tummy? Call Dr. Kirwan and let’s discuss your tummy tuck options.

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