Dr. Kirwan offers a complete range of aesthetic surgical procedures.img_procedures

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Dr. Kirwan has offices in 742 Park Avenue New York City and 1472 Post Road  in Darien, Connecticut.

In New York, surgery is performed at the New York Eye & Ear Infirmary, and the Ambulatory Surgery Center at Fifth Avenue Surgery Center as well as the Gramercy Surgery Center in New York City. In Connecticut, Dr. Kirwan operates at Norwalk Hospital and Greenwich Hospital. Consultant Anesthesiologists are always on staff and provide anesthesia for all surgical procedures. Patients typically go home the same day after surgery. If necessary, patients may stay at the hospital overnight or at a local hotel. In London, Prof. Kirwan consults with patients who wish to have surgery in the United States and also offers non-surgical procedures such as toxins (BOTOX and DYSPORT®) and fillers (JUVÉDERM® Products, Sculptra® Aesthetic , RADIESSE®, Restylane® Products) and Thermage as well as minor surgery such as mole removal, earlobe repair and scar revision.

Patients from overseas who wish to have their surgery in the U.S.A. will be provided with various options for accommodations in the area during their post-operative recovery. We offer Aesthetisure Medical Insurance to cover unplanned medical expenses for all of our surgical patients.

Please note: The selection of before and after photographs available on the web site is limited by concerns for patient confidentiality. All photographs are un-retouched and are the personal patients of Prof Kirwan. You may see a complete range of before and after photographs of surgical cases at the time of your consultation. No photographs are released without the express permission of the patient.

Often patients require corrective surgery such as repair of an abdominal hernia at the time of an abdominoplasty or excision of a skin cancer before reconstruction with a skin flap. In such cases, Dr Kirwan works closely with a General Surgeon or a Moh’s Dermatological Surgeon to achieve the desired result.