Breast Procedures


Dr. Kirwan’s Article on Breast Auto-Augmentation was published by the Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery in 2007. His most recent paper, Breast Auto-Augmentation: A Versatile Method of Breast Rehabilitation. A Retrospective Series of 107 Procedures, was published in the Archives of Plastic Surgery in July 2015 together with Prof Mokbel, Director of the London Breast Institute, based at The Princess Grace Hospital.

Dr. Kirwan has described two breast procedures: Simultaneous Areolar Mastopexy/Breast Augmentation (SAMBA™ procedure) and Breast Auto-Augmentation. The SAMBA™ technique is designed to lift and enlarge breasts that have lost intrinsic support after pregnancy, breast feeding, weight loss, or just as part of their natural development. This technique has a minimal incision around the areola at the junction of the pigmented and normal skin and places the implant behind the muscle, giving more support and returning the breast to its “normal” position.