Breast Reduction Lift

Breast reduction lifts have become increasingly popular in recent years, with nearly 100,000 procedures performed in 2015 – that’s an 89 percent increase from 2014! One of the reasons for the increase in popularity is the effectiveness of the results, helping women look and feel younger, more attractive and more confident. Breast lifts are often performed in combination with breast reduction surgery, resulting in breasts that are in better proportion with the rest of the body as well as providing a more pleasing profile.

Why have a breast reduction lift procedure?

Breasts can sag and “droop” for many reasons, including weight gain and loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding and good old gravity. Genetics and inherited breast shape can also play a role in how breasts develop with age. Breast reduction lift procedures aim to restore the breast to a natural teardrop shape while removing excess tissue that makes breasts appear flabby and overly large.

The procedure has four primary “targets” or “steps”:

    • reducing the size of the areola if it’s enlarged or stretched
    • repositioning and “lifting” the breast tissue to a higher position
    • repositioning the areola and nipple
    • removing excess tissue while remodeling the remaining tissue

Breast reduction lift procedures typically use an upside-down T-shaped incision that encircles the areola and then extends downward to the crease of fold under the breast where it extends outward horizontally on either side.

Recent Advances Mean Better Results

Dr. Kirwan is a leader in breast reduction lift procedures, using the most advanced techniques for optimal results in each patient. For most patients, he uses a “short scar” approach employing a smaller horizontal incision to decrease the risk of “bottoming out,” which occurs when the weight of the lower breast tissue eventually droops downward, tilting the nipple upward. In some women, a small portion of excess tissue removed from the pendulous portion of the lower breast may be “transplanted” to the upper breast, restoring natural fullness while significantly reducing the risk of bottoming out. This approach ensures the horizontal portion of the incision will be as small as possible, and in some cases it can be entirely eliminated. Over time, scars will turn pale and become almost unnoticeable.

Most procedures take about three to four hours to complete. Once the procedure is complete, a special drain will be placed in each breast to help remove excess fluid so swelling and discomfort are minimized. The drains will be removed the day after surgery. Sutures used during the procedure will be absorbed into the body, and no stitches need to be removed. Most women can expect to return to work in about a week, resuming normal daily activity in about three weeks. Gym workouts can be resumed in about six weeks, and any contact sports should be avoided for three months to enable the area to fully heal.

Is a breast reduction lift right for you?

Breast reduction lift procedures can be an ideal solution for women with large, saggy breasts, restoring each breast to a more attractive shape and size. As a top-ranked provider of breast reduction lift surgery and a pioneer in cosmetic surgery techniques, Dr. Kirwan is skilled in helping women achieve their goals so they feel more attractive and more confident. To find out if a breast reduction lift procedure is right for you, call today to schedule your personalized consultation.