Bichat’s Fat Pad Resection (Buccal-Cheek Fat Pad Removal)

An attractive feature in men and women is the depression just underneath the cheekbones. This can be accentuated by removal of the buccal fat pad or Bichat’s fat pad. This is a collection of fat below the cheek bone extending to the jowl area. It is more prominent in childhood. With aging it tends to shrink. When it persists, it can create a rounded, ‘heavy’ appearance of the cheek. The fat is usually diet and exercise resistant.

The buccal fat can be removed in the office under local anesthesia with conscious sedation using an incision inside the mouth. Buccal fat can be removed at the same time as a face-lift or fat injections to the cheek. The result is a contoured look with more definition of the cheek bone and less rounding of the cheek.

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