Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Definition of Ear Surgery

: Correction of ears that are too big or protrude from the side of the head.


: 6 years old and beyond.

Surgical technique

: The cartilage is scored to allow it to lie in a more natural position. Stitches may also be used to achieve the final result. Stitches alone are never used because the correction tends to look unnatural and may reoccur if the stitches come out.  Skin is removed sparingly from the back of the ear to allow adequate skin care and prevent an unnatural look.


: Create a natural look without irregularities.

Surgical time and recovery

: Surgery takes 1-2 hours and there is a bandage on for two days. All stitches are out in 4 days. The patient can go back to work in 4 -5 days. No contact sports for 6 weeks.

Related procedures

: None.

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