Laser Vein Removal

New advances in laser technology permit the safe and effective removal of small, spider-like veins on the leg or face. Called telangiectasia, these vascular lesions are either congenital, part of the aging process, the result of overexposure to the sun, the result of using oral contraceptives, or the result of undergoing hormone (estrogen) therapy. Spider-like leg veins can also be caused by running or from giving birth.

Many people feel that these lesions detract from their appearance. With a quick and easy laser treatment, there is no longer a reason you must live with the condition. You can virtually turn back the hands of time.

Laserscope’s new Aura™ Laser technology was designed to treat leg and facial telangiectasia as well as other dermatological conditions. Other conditions the Aura can effectively treat include birth marks, vascular malformations (such as hemangiomas), as well as benign lesions such as brown sun spots, liver spots, skin tags, warts and moles.

If laser energy is applied too slowly, adjacent tissue areas can be damaged and scarring can occur. If laser energy is applied too fast, blood vessels can literally explode causing severe bruising of the skin. The former frequently occurs when argon lasers are used, the latter is what often occurs when pulsed dye lasers and filtered flashlamp systems are used. The Aura Laser system was developed to emit just the right amount of laser energy to effectively treat leg veins without damaging surrounding tissue.

Many patients who have been treated with the Aura Laser System call it a “gentle laser.” Some patients feel nothing during treatment. Others say they experience the sensation of a hot pinprick for a fraction of a second. It is so fast and easy that local anesthesia is seldom required.

Treatment with a laser varies from one patient to another depending on the type of lesion, size of the affected area, the color of the skin around the lesion, and the depth to which the lesion extends beneath the skin’s surface.

Before you decide to undergo leg vein treatments, a thorough consultation with at our office will determine the nature your condition. Then you and Dr. Kirwan will decide on a procedure plan and expected results.

Aesthetic procedures such as leg vein treatments are not generally covered by medical insurance plans. Procedure fees vary based on the complexity of the condition and procedure. The procedure can be performed in our office in about 15-30 minutes. One or two repeat treatments may be required.

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