Who Says You Have to Keep that Weak Chin?

Chin AugmentationIn this world, there are chins like Kirk Douglas’s and there are the rest of us. But, although our chins may not measure up to Spartacus, we don’t have to live with a weak, undefined chin thanks to facial implants. Dr. Kirwan has extensive experience with chin augmentation. Here are some details to help you decide if the procedure is right for you.

Dr. Kirwan’s take on chin augmentation

Facial implants can’t be placed casually because of the attention the human face receives. Dr. Kirwan believes facial implants should be positioned in a space created immediately above the bone. They should be locked in place and not placed in the loose tissues of the face where they can move. He believes the patient should not be able to feel the foreign substance and the implant should become a seamless part of their face.

Who is right for chin augmentation?

Generally, two groups are right for chin augmentation:

  • Young adults with deficient chin development. The procedure may be combined with a reduction of the nose.
  • Young and older patients with poor neck definition who also require a neck lift often combined with a lower facelift.

The surgery

For a chin augmentation, a small incision is made in the crease beneath the chin. A space is created next to the bone for the implant. After cleaning the space with antibiotics, the implant is positioned. After checking that the size and position are ideal the wound is closed.

Implant info

For chin augmentation, Dr. Kirwan uses solid silicone implants. These can be easily placed, and moved if needed. There are a wide variety of sizes and shapes available.

So, don’t have a Kirk Douglas movie binge-watching session and feel inferior. Check into chin augmentation with Dr. Kirwan. Call his Norwalk, NYC, or London offices to set up a consultation.

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